Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perhaps today...

This week, a friend of ours from when we lived in WV has been posting "Perhaps today..." each day as his facebook status.  I thought I knew what he was talking about, but not wanting to assume (because you know what that makes of u and me), I gently queried.  I received a response in the form of today's post, "Perhaps today...He will return!"  I must admit, my first thought, after the initial, "ah ha, I was right," was, "not likely."  But that is so not true.  We don't know the day or the hour, and just because it hasn't happened on any of the days of my thirty-something years so far, doesn't mean that today won't be the day.

Part of being a Christ-follower is living in anticipation, yearning for the day Christ will return to establish His everlasting kingdom on earth, and believing that day will come.  And part of being a Christ-follower is striving, every day, to share a glimpse of the kingdom of God on earth to those who desperately need to see it, to experience it, to bring His kingdom closer, right now, today.  So, my friends, are you ready?  What are you doing today to prepare for that day, someday?

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