Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peaceful Poetry and Contest

Code-man's 5th grade class wrote a lot of poetry this year, and published their poems in books at the end of the school year.  To celebrate their efforts, they hosted a poetry coffee house this week (Huh.  It just occurred to me that I didn't see any actual coffee at the coffee house--just as well, because it was pretty darn hot in there).  Each of the kids got up and read a couple their poems.

Parents were invited to read poetry as well, either something they had written, or a favorite written by someone else.  Code-man told me I had to come, and I had to write and read a poem.  "It's easy," he insisted.  In fact, he made up this 5-W poem standing at the bus stop that morning:

from dawn to dusk
all through the house
because he wants to.

I thought that was kind of harsh, and not at all true, so I made up this one (inspired by actual events):

Bubby and Pal
play with trains
after lunch
in the living room
because it's fun.

I also wrote this Haiku, because, well, Haiku is easy:

Code-man graduates.
The time passed by so quickly.
On to middle school!

I was all set to read them, really I was, but because of a brain fart that accelerated our departure, I forgot my 3x5 cards at home, and I wasn't sure I'd actually be able to remember them under the pressure of 60 pairs of eyes gazing at me expectantly.  And then there's the fact that when Mrs. B asked if any parents had any poetry to read, no one else stood up or raised their hand or anything.  Oh, right, and I didn't know if I'd be able to get through that Haiku without sobbing.  My mom would have recited something, had she been there (but she's a lot braver than me)...

Chip says I should host a poetry contest on my blog, and I say "why (would I want to do that? There would be) not (more than 3 people who would actually enter)?"  So leave a comment with an original poem.  Heck, feel free to leave 5 or 10, just so it looks like I've gotten a lot of response.  I'll post my favorites in, say, a week.  I'll even draw a random poem to receive a fabulous prize (that has some restrictions).

Here are a couple of my favorites from Code-man's volume of poetry, titled "Peaceful Poetry":


Black is the night sky.
It is a black cat running by.
Black is space and all that is in it.
Black is rich soil and a pit that has no end.
Black is a storm cloud waiting to rain.
Black is a stormy night.
It is the spent coal after the fire.
Black is a quiet lake at night.
Black smells like smoke.


Courage is like a boulder.
They are both strong,
but can have cracks and dents.
Courage almost never moves,
and can stand up to great forces.
It is carved out by different events.


  1. There was a big brother named Shep
    And he really had no dance Step
    He watched Basketball
    The Heat took a fall
    Sheppy cheered so loud he got strep

  2. I make SheppyBrew
    Brewing took over my life
    I blame my sister

  3. I won a candle months ago
    From my sister's blog, don't you know.
    And much to everyone else's chagrin
    I think I'm gonna win again.

  4. Alrighty, I'm going to post a poem just because I happen to have one that I wrote a few years ago for my MOPS group. So, Tera, maybe this is a farwell poem to MOPS. Just an FYI - I'm not usually this sappy. Really. I mean it. Really.

    Y_ears ago I only dreamed I'd be a mom today.
    O_n the day God filled that dream, no words were there to say;
    U_shered in to my new life...this beautiful bouquet,
    from heaven as God applauded and the angels cried, "Hooray!"

    M_any days I wonder what on earth I'm doing here;
    A_ll this work to be a mom! I often shed a tear.
    T_hen my little one will look at me with eyes of love,
    T_hank me for the smallest thing, like it was from above.
    E_ternity is before me and my past is now behind;
    R_ight now I must remind myself, I'm helping shape mankind.

    M_oments as Mom are often quick, but some can seem quite long.
    O_pportunities all around, to help my kids grow strong.
    M_istakes or triumphs, whatever transpires, I need His healing balm,
    so God in heaven forever reminds me...
    that, "You Matter, Mom!"

  5. Luke's Haiku: (age 2)
    Race Cars Crash, yup, bang!
    They get all dirty, Zoom, ZOOM
    I do too, dirty

    Josh's Haiku: (age almost 4)
    Race Cars Go fast, Zoom!
    Race Cars Crash, Drivers eat food
    Drivers Drive Fast Win

    Robb's Haiku:
    My boy has a Jeep
    So I fixed it up for him
    Some Day I will too!

    And last but not least:
    Jodi's Haiku:
    I like to coupon
    Pay full price...are you silly?!
    The best price it FREE!

  6. Dirt Bike on a Beach
    by Jacob Nemec (age 8)

    I wish dirt bikes just could fly.
    Just like seagulls in the sky.
    But everytime I try to fly
    I end up doing a deep dive.

  7. Buying, Digging, Planting
    then buying, Planting again
    when will it stop
    nobody knows
    probably when it snows

  8. Connor wanted me to submit the 3 poems here:

    They are not real current, but they are original. And, they are not written down. I'll let you decide if they qualify for this contest or not.

  9. Light
    By Tyler

    Sunlight is light that lights up half of the earth,
    Fires at night warm and give light to a hearth.
    Ligtbulbs are modern-day scorces of light,
    While before them were candles that shone very bright.

    All lights are sources that give us warmth,
    Light, and fires, such as the hearth.
    Others give us light, comfort and tech very old,
    Just like Thomas Edison's incandescent lightbulb.

    We are now very happy of what we have,
    All the light that we will always save.
    And now we know if we get in a pinch,
    We have light on our side to give us no flinch.

  10. Haiku by Tracy

    Hard boiled eggs are good
    Kids ask for them for dessert
    Yes their mother says

  11. Sweat leaks from my skin
    too hot for passion's embrace
    guess I'll blog instead.

    Stars and stripes on shirts
    your patriotic duty
    come on, let's melt wax.


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