Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, I was wrong...more than 3 people entered my poetry contest.  Way to go, people.

Here are a few of my favorites that y'all submitted:

From ESheppy:
I make SheppyBrew
Brewing took over my life
I blame my sister

From Jacob (age 8):

Dirt Bike on a Beach

I wish dirt bikes just could fly.
Just like seagulls in the sky.
But everytime I try to fly
I end up doing a deep dive.

From Anonymous:
Stars and stripes on shirts
your patriotic duty
come on, let's melt wax.
(Side note to Anonymous: Five words: glow in the dark paint.  We're not even going to all be together this year to showcase our handiwork. I will melt wax with you in 2012)

And my absolute favorite is from Jodi:
I like to coupon
Pay full price...are you silly?!
The best price is FREE!

I favorites lean heavily toward the Haiku.  Click here to read all of the submitted poems.'s random sequence generator chose the winner for me and it's...

Luke!  Yay, Luke!  You win bragging rights!  Here's Luke's winning Haiku:
Race Cars Crash, yup, bang!
They get all dirty, Zoom, ZOOM
I do too, dirty
Pretty good, eh?  Especially considering he's only 2 :)  I already know that Luke is ineligible to receive the fabulous prize, so the fabulous prize goes to the runner up who is...

Connor!  Yay, Connor!  I'll be contacting your mama about claiming your prize :)

For the rest of y'all this means you've got some work to do next time: my brother's family has won 100% of the prizes I've given away on my blog so far.  Let's see if we can't break that streak.  I'll have to consult with my contest advisor to figure out what we'll do next (my 500th(!) post is coming up soon)...stay tuned!

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