Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Becoming increasingly annoyed by my boy's repeated insistence that he's bored and there's nothing to do (oy! and it's not even summer yet), and by his repeated rejection of all of my perfectly good and unboring suggestions, I gave him an ultimatum.
Son, if I hear you say ONE MORE TIME that you are bored or that there is nothing to do, I WILL GIVE YOU something to do. 
I know that doesn't sound like a threat, but you know it is, my friends.
And FINALLY, he gets it.  All on their own (I didn't even have to get the set out), the brothers built...
 A Rocket Ship!  And went on a trip to the moon.  Last I heard, they were collecting moon rocks, and finding the perfect hiding place for a moon pearl.

"We're so creative" --Bubby
"And we didn't even use the instructions" --MC


And Hubby wanted me to show you this--he's so proud of himself.  His hangers are all back hanging the "right" way.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I have not heard "I'm bored" / "I don't have anything to do" from my kids in quite awhile. My youngest is EXTREMELY gifted at manufacturing things to do on his own, and my oldest knows better than to say that to me.

    The last time I heard that was one of Tyler's friends trying to convince me to let them play WII. Tyler just told him ... "Dude, that does not work on my dad ... lets go ride our bikes". And they did.


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