Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Case Keenum, you made my day

Dear Mr. Keenum,

You made my day, heck, maybe even my year, on Sunday.  Not just because of the win, although a Vikings win always makes for a good day.

And not because of an amazing touchdown celebration, although those are always fun, too.

By the way, that was duck, duck, gray duck, not goose.

No, Mr. Keenum, you made my day because for years, I have been poking fun at announcers and analysts who spend hours on end discussing the key to the game.  They say the key to winning is all sorts of things: capitalizing on this or that, neutralizing one thing or the other, passing yards, time of possession, injuries or lack there-of.  And while all of those things are factors, they are not really the key.

I have known for years that those are not the key, and on Sunday, on the sideline after the game with Pam Oliver, you proved that you know it, too.  The actual key is scoring more points than the other teamThat's how you win games.  And you, well, you said it.  Finally.

Thank you, my friend, for finally setting the media straight on this point.
Scarlet B.

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