Thursday, August 1, 2019


Have you been waiting for this week's Cricut brag post?  I don't have one.  I thought I was going to be too busy to Cricut last week, but it turns out I was actually too busy to Cricut this week.  I do have something sorta Cricut related to talk about, though.

I'm a member of a couple of Cricut Facebook groups.  It's a lot of people asking for advice on projects they're doing, wondering where to get a certain svg or font, and showing off their finished products.  Almost every one of the brag posts starts with something like, "I know it's not perfect, but..."

It's starting to bother me.  A lot.  Even though I think I've done it myself.  Because of course it's not perfect.  Being humans, it is beyond our ability to do anything perfectly.  We're not God.  When did we decide that it's not ok to be proud of something unless it's perfect?  When did we decide that perfection is necessary? 

Almost inevitably, someone (or many someones) will comment that they love it, that they didn't even notice the perceived imperfection.  Because that's what we do.  We are our own worst critics, not willing to accept anything less than perfection in ourselves and apologizing for what we consider to be mistakes, but we see the beauty and value in others' imperfect work.

Friends, I implore you: please, treat yourself as you would treat a friend.  When you speak to yourself, be kind and supportive and loving.  Don't expect something from yourself that you would consider unreasonable to expect in someone else.

Speaking of imperfect, I finally obtained a canvas for this reverse canvas and I tore it apart and cut the vinyl.  I'm waiting on stain for the frame, and to tell the truth, I'm a little intimidated by the transfer.  I've heard (from my Cricut FB groups) that it can be difficult to get vinyl to stick to canvas.

But I think my friend is going to love it, and I love it, too.  Already.  I definitely need to add some more of that silver-gray vinyl to my next vinyl order--it's gorgeous.

And in other news, I've received my first paid Cricut commission: a wooden sign.  Yay!  That'll be in next week's brag post :)

Oh, and let me know if you want me to make this welcome mat for you--I'll do it for cost (probably around $15).  I really want to make one, but because of our storm door, we can't have a thick mat like this at our front door.


If you'd like to talk to me about a custom sign or mug or anything else, really, feel free to email me.  I'm definitely willing to ship!

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