Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why would anyone want to read my blog? A giveaway.

Ohmygosh, y'all, Rafflecopter is giving me fits. 

To enter the drawing:
If you see the rafflecopter widget below, go ahead and leave a comment, then enter via the Rafflecopter. 
If you don't see the rafflecopter, go ahead and leave a comment, and then send me an email via my contact form (click here) saying that you entered the giveaway.

OK, read on:

So the other day Hubby was looking over my shoulder while I was admiring my blog, and he noticed me looking at the Visitor's Map and Recent Readers on the right sidebar.

Did you even know that was there?  Well, now you know.  You can also search my blog by clicking on "Ligit Search".  Check it out--it's kind of interesting.

Anyway, at the time there was someone visiting from Turkey, and Hubby just couldn't believe it, that someone in Turkey would be reading my blog.  He said, in an incredulous voice, "why would anyone want to read someone else's blog?"

Wow. Talk about a slap in the face.  The reason I write my blog is so that people can read it.  If I didn't think anyone was reading it, I would just write in a journal, or not at all.  It's not his fault, though, he's not really in to the mommy blog culture, so he really doesn't know why anyone would read someone else's personal web log, besides family, of course.

The whole exchange reminded me that I really don't know why most of you read my blog.  I mean, some of you are family and you're just looking for pics of the kids and updates.  And some of you are my friends, but how about the rest of you?  Why do you read my blog?

As a thank you for reading, I'm giving away a $5 gift card to, Target, or Starbucks--winner's choice.  One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, February 1.  To enter, just leave a comment letting me know why you read my blog, then follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Thanks, friends and good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: if you read my blog via email, you will need to actually visit the blog to enter the giveaway.


  1. :) I read this blog for the great wisdom it imparts from an experienced mother survivng 3 boys and a husband!

  2. I read your blog because you are a cool mom of three boys, just like me!

  3. "Why would anyone want to read someone else's blog?" ???? does your hubby know what blogs are?

    I read your blog in hopes of seeing it reference me or someone I know. I very Sheppy-centric like that.

  4. I'm thinking of stopping leaving comments, though, because I hate your CAPTCHA (not just yours ... all of them give me significant trouble). I wonder if the fact that I have such trouble with those is that I am not really human.

  5. I read it so I can keep tabs on you. Also to see what parenting with grace and patience looks like. Also because I enjoy reading something and not having to frown because of the poor punctuation and grammar. Also I like to put odd terms in your amazon search box, because somewhere deep down I hope that you see a list of the search terms I enter, and perhaps think to yourself that a psychopath must be reading your blog. Plus I am amazed at the things you manage to do with scraps and found materials. Very eco friendly.

  6. I read it because it helps me to know what is going on. You always have good ideas and give me a break from geeky reading or the same old emails.

  7. I read your blog because it makes me think deeper, and laugh, cry and smile (and because I am quite fond of the author) :-) I would like to see more crafts for kids maybe.

  8. I read your blog so I can find out what's going on with one of the families I love most. I also love your suggestions...from recipes to crafts and ideas in general!


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