Thursday, May 5, 2011

At the firestation

Somehow MC's den leader was able to convince the fire department that they wanted to let 4 crazy 2nd graders come take a look at their equipment.  Two little brothers came along, too.
MC, the firefighter

Why do other people's kids always want to jump into my family photos?  I mean, really.  How rude.  So in this one, where I was trying to get a picture of 2 of my kiddos, I got only 1 of mine and 4 extras.  At least we actually know these kids.  And mine ended up in the middle.
They made den leader Brian put on some, but not all, of the gear.  Come on, Brian: we want to see you put it ALL on.

This fire truck was state of the art when it was built in 1921!  Yes, it still runs.

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