Monday, April 2, 2012

A picnic snack

I thought this was so sweet, I just had to share. 

Yesterday was such a nice day, I told everyone they had to go outside.  Roger decided that we needed to have a picnic snack, which I took to mean he wanted ME to put something together, and everyone headed out while I was finishing up a few things, or so I thought.  Little did I know, Roger did not head out with his brothers--he was busy getting the snack ready.

A few minutes later, my little 4 year old Bubby comes walking through my bedroom carrying 4 cinnamon graham crackers out to the deck.  He had, by himself, taken the unopened box of graham crackers out of the cupboard, opened the box and the plastic sleeve inside, and extracted 4 unbroken crackers.  Very impressive.  It made me smile. 

But he wasn't done.  When he came back inside, Roger said, "now I have to go get the glasses.  I have 4 glasses, right?)  And he did.  Seconds later he came back through with 2 glass glasses, each half-full with water.  He had, by himself, gotten the glasses out of the cupboard and the water jug out of the fridge, and poured the water.  Then I did what any other mommy would do--I grabbed the other two glasses from the kitchen and headed out to enjoy our picnic.

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