Friday, October 12, 2012

Bragging on my kid

Consider this fair warning: this post is all about me bragging on my kid.  If you don't want to hear me bragging about my kid, click the red X now.  Because don't you think a mama is entitled to share with the world how wonderful her kids are?  Don't you think a mama has an obligation to do so?  I mean, who else is going to do it?

MC had his first football game last night and his team did so great!  Red won, beating Navy 14-7.

Sorry--cell phone pics.  From far away.
Not sure where MC is in all that mess, but you can bet he's about to tackle someone
On defense, MC played nose tackle (don't ask me what that is. All I know is he lined up right near the middle, and when the other team snapped the ball, MC plowed through the other team's blockers and tackled whoever had the ball). MC made the first 4 tackles of the game, and ended up with 10 total, including a couple of sacks.
MC is the further-most red player on the left
 On offense, MC blocked, and he was like a wall.  Not much got past him.  He's not the biggest kid on the field, but he's got guts and tenacity.

We were so proud of our boy, not just for playing well, but also for staying focused and continuing to play, doing his best all the time, every time, until the whistle blew.

And, not completely off-topic, but...AKD and I had a little fun in the costume section the last time we were at Goodwill.  By they way, they've got TONS of great Halloween stuff.  Not as cheap as you could get at a garage sale, but brand new stuff for about half what it would cost retail.
And yes, I bought the feather boa.  Couldn't resist--it looked so good on him :)

I've shared the post with the Parent 'Hood.  Come join us.

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