Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bubby's new loft

We spent a good portion of our long Thanksgiving weekend rearranging kids' bedrooms.  You may have been under the impression that this had already been accomplished, given my posts of the past few weeks (here and here).  But the rearranging we had already done was emergency rearranging: just getting those kids into new bedrooms now, because they needed to be separated.  This past weekend was spent setting up the rooms.  There is still work to be done, but I thought today I would show you Bubby's new loft. 

It's actually not new at all.  Here's a picture of the loft, me, my pregnant belly, and AKD back when it was his first big boy bed in 2002!  Since then, this bed has cradled all three of our slumbering children at one time or another.

And here it is today:
 I did take some pictures of it with Bubby in it and with the blankets and sheets all neatly tucked, but when I looked at the pictures this morning I realized I didn't have any of the whole thing.  Oops.  And Bubby lost his racecar during the night so he had to tear the bed apart looking for it this morning.  Oh well...it's more realistic this way.

See?  Neatly tucked sheets.  We set up a cozy reading area under the loft.  Not sure if the glider will be staying--it's been temporarily relocated from the living room while the Christmas tree has taken up residence there.  We will be adding a small bookshelf under the loft, just as soon as we get a few other things sorted out.  And that's a toybox behind the loft, built in under the window.

 Having the loft means that Bubby has room to set up his geotrax in his very small and poorly laid out bedroom (the window and doors are far from optimally placed, which is why the loft is actually in front of the window).  Yes, it's small, but at least it's his!

So far, he's loving it!
Bubby and friends :)

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