Thursday, November 1, 2012

The best whipped cream frosting

I just have to tell you about the frosting I used for my batty cupcakes. My friend J told me how to make it, and it is just divine. This endorsement is coming, you understand, from a woman who doesn't like frosting. Or cake. When I must eat cake I usually scrape off and leave half, if not more, of the frosting behind. But this frosting is light and fluffy and not too sweet--definitely worth trying, my friends!

So all you need is heavy whipping cream and a box of Betty Crocker Homestyle Fluffy White frosting mix. Probably any box frosting mix would work, but Betty Crocker is the brand my grocery store carries.
Whipping Cream Heavy (Pint)

First, whip the whipping cream, using cold beaters and bowl. J uses a quart for a box of frosting. Just keep whipping until peaks form--I wasn't watching the clock, but I'd say it was about 5-10 minutes with my hand mixer. Then beat in the frosting mix ...and... you're done.

I mixed some oreo cookie crumbs into mine and then piped it on top of the cupcakes. I just made half a box (3/4 c. mix) with a pint of cream, and had plenty to generously ice my 12 cupcakes, plus about a cup extra, which I froze for future use.

If you're thinking, well this is really just sweetened whipped cream used as frosting, then you're right, sort of.  Except the frosting mix contains stablilizers that allow this frosting to retain its shape and consistency, unlike sweetened whipped cream.

Try it--you'll love it!

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