Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hunting Season

It was the day after Thanksgiving when we started seeing the first of the carcasses riding home on top of cars and in pick-up beds--a sure sign that hunting season had begun.  Oh, I'm not talking about deer hunting season, although that was going on, too.  I'm talking about tree hunting season.  It's kind of a lame joke, but since the two hunting seasons happen around the same time, Hubby and I will always say, "they bagged one--it's a thousand pointer!" or similar nonsense when we see trees strapped to vehicle roofs.  You have to admit, tree hunting is a whole lot easier than the other kind of hunting.

So, since everyone was doing it (and because it's our tradition), we packed up the boys to hunt for our own tree.  And this is what happened.

We found one!  Not only is tree hunting easier, but you never get this kind of before shot with the "victim" while deer hunting...


The boys brought some friends, and a football, along.  We had so much fun hunting and playing among the hundreds of perfect Christmas trees.

When we exited the trailer after our hay ride, the tractor driver joked that we had half a football team.  Can you imagine if they were all ours?  I do consider them family, these friends of my boys.  Number 1, we'd need a much bigger house, but after that, I think we'd have a great time :) 
The End

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