Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where is Eli Manning?

We've misplaced a library book, and it's coming up on the book's 3rd and final due date in a few days.  We've looked everywhere we can think of, and I have a vague memory of putting the book in my bag of library books to be returned a month or so ago, so my next step is to try to find it at the library to prove we already returned it.  I don't actually remember returning it, and in fact have an equally fuzzy memory of me taking the book back out of the bag because my son wanted to keep it for a few more weeks, but one can dream, right? 

Some people might get upset over this turn of events--after all, it is the same kid's books that go missing every time (what is it about that kid and books?)--but for me, this situation has been a source of quiet amusement.

Because the book that is missing is this one:

What's so funny, you ask?  Think about it.  I asked MC if he had checked his desk for the book and he said he had and it wasn't there.  And I said, "so Eli Manning is not in your desk? {pause}  Well, of course not--how would a huge football player fit in your tiny little desk?"

As MC stepped on to the bus this morning I called out to him, "see if you can find Eli Manning at school somewhere!"  Wouldn't that be fun and amazing?  If he did find Eli Manning?  I must invite him to visit.

I asked my husband if he knew where Eli Manning was, and imagined him saying something like, "well, I don't know, but I assume he's in New York.  Or maybe Louisiana, since his season's over."  What he did say was, "   ...   ...   ...   ", but it was still good for a chuckle or two.

Ah yes, I am easily amused.  It's the simple things in life, you know?

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