Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Photo Friday: Christmas break

I wanted to share a few memories from the past few weeks:

When Grandma & Grandpa were visiting, the boys decided to go ice fishing.
MC got football pants for Christmas.  Hubby thinks this will help with the whole keeping the knees from tearing out in MC's pants situation.  I somehow doubt it.

After all our Christmas visitors left, the boys went ice fishing again.  Like they meant it.  This time, they caught some fish worth eating.
Don't they look cozy?  Not sure if these two did any actual fishing...

MC and Hubby went to Polar Camp, where someone gave my 9 year old son a deadly weapon and told him to throw it (can you see the tomahawk up there in the air between MC's hand and the target?).  Yup, that's what Cub Scouts is all about--giving boys deadly weapons.
A bonus (because, if you were counting, you know that this is photo number six):
I wanted to share this file folder game with you--super easy (and free) to make--just match the beginning sound of the animal to the letter that makes that sound.  Download the animals and letters here.

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