Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Castle

The other night the boys and I headed over to THE MALL to visit the ice castle that's been growing over there.  It's really neat how they do it.  They have a place called the icicle farm, where they grow baby icicles, then they place them where they want the structures to be and spray a fine mist of water at them to make them grow.

It was beautiful.  And impressive.  Three months ago, they started with an empty parking lot, and now they have this maze of structures made completely of water.

There were lights that changed color embedded in the ice making the pillars glow.  It was cold, but we had fun exploring and running through the tunnels.

I'm so glad we got to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you'd like to go--they're planning on keeping the ice castle open for visitors until the end of February (weather permitting, of course).

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