Friday, April 11, 2014

MC's Birthday and The Minecraft Cake

My middlest child turns 11 today. 

Love that boy.
Love that giggle and that smile :)
We celebrated with a few friends last week, and today we'll eat pizza, open presents, eat (another) cake, and watch a movie.  Love it.
 MC wanted a Minecraft cake.  After consulting with my people (that would be AKD and Pinterest), I decided on this configuration.  It's super easy, but looks impressive.  My kind of cake.

Super Easy Minecraft Cake
1. Start with your raw materials.  I used:
  • Dirt: chocolate cake baked in a 13x9" pan--you could also use brownies
  • Cobblestone: Rice Krispie bars with a few dark chocolate multi-grain cheerios mixed in--you could also use cocoa krispies or half rice/half cocoa.  I put a full recipe into a 9" pan to make them approximately the same thickness as the cake.
  • Lava & water: Jell-O prepared with half the water to make it firmer and easier to work with.  Two 3 oz boxes of Jell-O, prepared in a 9x5" loaf pan, yielded blocks that were about half as high as the dirt and cobblestone blocks.
2. Use a straight edge to cut the materials into blocks.  I used two wooden rulers taped together, and my blocks were about 2.5" square.
3. Start placing blocks.  Can you see the waterfall on the right descending into the lake?  AKD's idea.  And notice the water in the cobblestone cave in the back right?  Also AKD's idea.  Use toothpicks or wooden skewers to hold everything together (just remember to watch out for them when you're serving the cake). 
*Note--if you're using jello for water or lava, try placing the cake on a light colored board for contrast--as you can see (or can't see), the dark color of my tray makes it kind of difficult to see the water in my photo. 
4. When you have the configuration you like, frost the exposed tops of dirt blocks with green-tinted frosting, using a grass tip (Ateco #133 or Wilton #233). 
I used free printables to decorate the cake, but if you want to make it easier on yourself, you can buy Minecraft figures in the toy section at the Bullseye store.  Maybe other places, too.  I would have used those, but when the final decision on cake style came down I didn't have time to get to the store to buy them. 
How about you?  Any Minecraft fans in the house?  Gonna try this cake?  Let me know in the comments :)


  1. Make minecraft torches for your candles. Use a white birthday candle. Cover the bottom 3/4 with brown electrical tape (or dip in brown tape). That's all.

    1. That would be brown PAINT. Dip it in brown PAINT. Now that's all.


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