Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu plan for the week of August 18

Two weeks.  Two weeks until school starts, and I think we're going to make it.  Alive, even.  Now that's an accomplishment.  If there were a teacher in my life asking me to write a 5 paragraph paper on what I did on summer vacation, it would definitely be heavy on the all-three-of-my-children-survived side.

All three of the kiddos are officially registered for school, although we ran into a locker snafu with one of them.  It frustrates me, the things the school people don't tell you.  Because they've done this a bajillion times and figure it's common knowledge.  They fail to realize that for a good portion of the people they're running into, it's the first time.  And we don't even know what to ask.  And the oh-so-patient disembodied school secretary voice and her calm explanation of the purple half-sheet.  Purple half-sheet, my foot.

Anyway!  It will be fixed today.  I know, I'm an optimistic one...

Hubby and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary this week.  How is that even possible?  In the near future, we will have been married longer than we were not.  I've already known my husband for more than half my life.  We're going out on a date to celebrate--the anniversary, not necessarily the half-life thing.  Without the children, even.  So, you know, Hubby and I are going to eat food that someone else prepares for us and someone else cleans up.  Yay for not cooking or cleaning up.

I asked the babysitter what he wanted to feed the kids, and he said, "something easy."  And I said, "something easy like what?"  And he said, "well, if I have to make it, it should be something easy." 

Not an answer, dude.

And I, knowing that his definition of "something easy" in the kitchen and my definition of "something easy" in the kitchen are vastly different, insisted, "yes, something easy, but something easy like what?"

Cereal.  Something easy like ... cereal.  Works for me.  Another meal I don't have to prepare (but most likely will have to clean up).

Here's what's on the menu for this week:

--Out to eat/cereal
--Spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread
--Beef tacos with taco fixings
--Beef stroganoff, corn, fruit
--Fend for yourself/leftovers
--Pizza, tossed salad
--Brats, spiral cut hot dogs, buns, carrots, fruit, jello

Next Monday:
--Chicken tacos with taco fixings

--Caramel apple pie
--Caramel apple salad
--Cookies (not sure what kind yet, but we've been craving cookies over here)
--Muffins, either banana or zucchini depending on whether we have enough ripe zucchini (it's rotting on the vine!  Any suggestions?  Am I watering too much?  Are they not getting fertilized?)

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