Saturday, August 23, 2014

NIV Essentials Study Bible

The NIV Essentials Study Bible contains the full NIV text of the Bible, along with study helps from 6 bestselling NIV Resources: NIV Study Bible, NIV Quest Study Bible, NIV Archaeological Study Bible, NIV Student Bible, The Great Rescue Bible, and The Essential Bible Companion.

This Bible offers 8 different lenses, or ways of looking at the Bible including the Flyover lens, offering an easy to read overview of each book of the Bible; the Unpack Lens to easily understand Bible passages with study notes and charts; the Dig Deep, Look Close lens, helping to understand the historical significance of the Bible; the Q&A lens, offering concise answers to perplexing questions; the Important People in Focus Lens, offering scripture from the perspective of the people of the Bible; the Guided Tour lens, offering a bird's-eye view of the Bible; the Insight lens, offering practical ways of thinking of Bible truths; and the Reflect & Respond lens, which invites the reader to respond in an inspirational focus time.

I love the context and deeper perspective offered by the bottom of the page notes and in-text charts of my NIV Study Bible--they make my Bible reading easier to understand and more meaningful, but the NIV Essentials Study Bible goes so much farther.  Just imagine, to have all of the best resources for understanding scripture right in one volume.  You would have to carry 6 different thick books and page through each one to achieve what this one volume gives you.  I am so excited to have all of these resources at my fingertips, and I'm enjoying digging deeper into God's word.

Bottom line: this is the most comprehensive NIV study Bible that you're going to find.  Do your pocketbook (and your back and shoulders) a favor and buy this one.

I received this book for free from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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