Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Twenty-four muffins

We're in a little bit of a rut when it comes to school snacks for Bubby.  See, I'm of the opinion that the ideal snack contains both a complex carbohydrate and a lean protein.  The trouble comes in the realm of protein.  Most proteins that I would send to school with my boy, like yogurt, cheese, eggs. legumes, or meat, require refrigeration (don't ask me why Bubby is unwilling to let me put his snack in his insulated lunchbox to be kept cold--I'm not really very clear on that myself).

There is one protein source that Bubby likes, that is not highly processed and does not require refrigeration.  The thing is, that particular protein source has been banned from his classroom.  Yup, he's not allowed to have peanuts or tree nuts.  So most days I send whole grain crackers for the boy's school snack, internally lamenting the lack of protein*, and feeling a like I ought to be trying a little harder to achieve variety.  Not that Bubby is too terribly concerned with variety in his snack or meal choices.

So why am I worried about this, again?  Ugh!  The Mommy-guilt.

Anyway, the other day I asked him for some examples of what other kids bring for snacks.  Because crackers.  He hasn't complained, but crackers.  Every day.  So boring!  Bubby responded almost immediately, as if he'd been thinking about it, "well, some kids bring those mini muffin things."

You know what those mini muffin things are, don't you?  You know: the tiny packages of sugar, processed ingredients, hydrogenated oil, and preservatives?  Made by Hostess?  Yeah.  Those.

I asked if he would like chocolate chip mini muffins for a snack, and he said that he would, so I offered to make some.  Here's the recipe I use (except I use white whole wheat flour and leave off the topping.  I also don't use muffin papers).  You can see that the recipe says it makes 12, but that is a lie.  A bald-faced, unabashed, blatant lie.  It really makes 18.  So the recipe would yield 36 mini-muffins.

However, I only have 12 mini-muffin cups.  Through no fault of my own, I might add.  I tried to buy another pan with 24 cups a couple of weeks ago, because mini is always cuter, donchaknow, but the store was out.  .

So I asked the Bubmeister if he would mind me making 12 mini chocolate chip muffins and 12 regular size chocolate chip muffins.  After he figured out what I was trying to ask him (because, really mom, who cares what size they are, as long as they taste good?), Bubby became quite enthusiastic about the idea.

So, mom, you're going to make 12 little ones and 12 regular ones?  That's 24!  Yes!  You should make 24!  Yes!  WhooHoo!  (with a little fist pump action)

Imagine how excited he would have been over 36.

In conclusion, add that 24 cup mini muffin pan to my birthday list.

AND also in conclusion, there still isn't a whole lot of protein* in Bubby's school snack, but, at least for the next few days, it's not crackers.

* Bubby can (and does) get milk through the school for his snack break, so he's at least getting some protein.

Your turn: what's your favorite snack?

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