Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adventures in Mommy-Hood

My middlest son woke me at 6:08 this morning, asking for help with his belt.  This was the second time one of my children had woken me today.  MC was getting dressed for his first day of work.  He's an engineer, like his daddy.  We're not really sure how this came to be, since it wasn't his 1st, 2nd, OR 3rd choice, AND none of us can really picture MC as an engineer.  I guess his interviewer saw something we didn't?  Perhaps he will surprise us.

The first time, I was awakened by my youngest son at 2:21 a.m. He felt like he was going to throw up, which is Bubby-code for, "I have a fever."  He's realized that he always feels hot when he throws up, clever boy.  But to me, "I feel like I'm going to throw up" means get the bucket, 'cause the upchuck's coming.  "I feel like I'm going to throw up" wakes me instantly, as effectively as a bucket of cold water on my head.

I got the bucket.  He did not throw up, but he does have a high fever.  Well, high to me, the mama, but to healthcare professionals, it's more of a meh level fever.  He feels fine, after having taken a dose of Tylenol in the night, but can't return to school until he's been fever-free for 24 hours.

Which reveals a vulnerability in my carefully sculpted routine.  I am so thankful to have the flexibility to set aside my plans and to be here when my children need me, but...

Tuesday is grocery procurement and errand day.  Due to work, school, and extra-curricular schedules, if the Bubmeister continues to be feverish, I will not be able to get out of the house to get groceries, and more importantly, the 24 cup mini muffin pan, until Friday evening.  That is, unless I leave Bubby in the care of his older brother for a few hours after school, which, if said older brother wants to eat, I might have to do.  Oh, we won't starve--there's plenty of food in the house--but there goes my menu plan...

Speaking of our oldest son, he shared with us a little about what he did at school yesterday.  In English.  Just the important stuff.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but it involved a chair with wheels, a short length of rope, and several teen-aged boys--they took AKD for a ride (with his permission).  

What are they teaching our children over there?   And why wasn't he wearing a helmet?

When we pressed for more details, he admitted that the incident didn't actually happen during English class, or even in the English classroom.  It was during passing time in the hall.  But it was the English teacher's wheely chair, presumably with the English teacher's permission.  I fear I laid the groundwork for this stunt myself years ago.  AKD and I used to have great fun together, me spinning him around in the wheely chair and him laughing breathlessly for minutes on end.

There was cake at the Cub Scout meeting last night, purchased from a local grocery store, and decorated with a camping theme.  The extra cake came home with my boys (one of the perks of being the Cub Master's family--we get a lot of the extra food).  One of my children, who shall remain nameless, missed the meeting due to another commitment, so he was given permission to have a piece of cake when he got home.  He thought the plastic cake decorations were actually cake, so that's what he decided to eat.  He was quite disappointed to find that they were not cake after all.

I told him not to be upset.  It was an honest mistake.  I mean, those grocery store cake bakers just aren't as talented as me.  My boys are used to edible decorations, 'cause that's how I roll.

That same child plugged the toilet not long after the non-cake situation.  This is a depressingly frequent occurrence in our household.  At least he told us this time instead of leaving it for us to discover hours later.  I told him this was the perfect opportunity for his daddy to instruct him in proper plunger use, but said daddy did not take advantage of the opportunity.

The third time one of my children woke me this morning, it was 7:56 a.m.  Bubby nervously pointed to the light pouring through the windows and said, mom, it's...it's got to be at least lunch time.  He was concerned that we had slept in and missed the bus.  He was relieved when I informed him that he wouldn't be going to school courtesy of his fever, and even more relieved, bordering on thrilled, when we realized that today is Music day instead of Phy Ed day.  Those of you with children in Ms. S's classes--you'll understand.

So that's it--my adventures in being mommy.  So far.  Today.  Next-up: adventures in toilet plunging.  Yay, me.

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