Monday, June 29, 2015

Menu Plan for the week of June 29

Hey y'all.  This weeks' menu plan isn't so much a menu plan as it's a we-are-missing-a-good-chunk-of-our-family-because-they're-at-Boy-Scout-camp-but-the-rest-of-us-still-need-to-eat plan.  Anyone else have a hard time planning meals when it's not for the whole family?  I find this so strange.  I mean, I had no trouble at all planning meals when it was just me and Hubby, and then I had no trouble as we added each member of the family.  But now that I'm cooking for 5 or more most of the time, when we have much less than that, I almost feel like it's not worth it to cook.

We will not be eating Jackolope this week.
We also did not eat jackolope when we were in South Dakota

This does not bode well for our empty nest years.

Fortunately, I'm aware of this issue, so I can begin preparing mentally for that eventuality.  Also fortunately, we have at least 11 years before our nest can achieve full empty.  Whew.  I think that might be enough time to get used to the idea of cooking for 2 again.

So we're going with convenient food this week.  Food that I know the two remaining boys in the house will eat.  You might notice it's a little heavy on the guacamole.  Also Mexican-type foods.  It's a little repetitive.  But everyone who's still here will eat.  Here's what we got:

--Corn dogs (taco for me), green beans, strawberries
--Hot dogs (taco bean soup for me), broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, cherries
--Tacos with guacamole and taco fixings
--Hamburgers with or without buns, but guacamole is not optional, salad, carrots, applesauce
--Nachos with guacamole and fixings
--Grilled pizza, salad
--Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, salad, pineapple

--Greek yogurt
--Cinnamon swirl bread
--Chicken salad

In the Bad Lands
I didn't think they were so bad, but I do see those French traders' point.

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