Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 goals?

Y'all, I crushed my winter break goals.  Crushed. Them.

Just to recap, my winter break goals were:

  1. Wear PJs or comfy pants as much as possible.
  2. Paint my toenails, and
  3. Go sledding.
I did so well with my winter break goals, I decided to try again for annual goals.  Twenty of them, possibly, for 2020.

I've been writing down potential goals for about a month, but I'm having a teensy weensy bit of trouble deciding to which of them I should commit.  

Would you help a friend out?  Please?  Help me decide.

So here's the list, in no particular order, except that when I started the list I started listing in categories and then it all broke down into randomness, because entropy.  At least, that's what I'm telling myself.  Entropy is an always handy scapegoat. 

Anyway, here you go:
  1. Hand knit a blanket (I already have yarn for this project, which should move it up the list in priority, but now that I have the yarn, I find myself strangely lacking in motivation.  The upshot?  The yarn can be returned)
  2. Crochet a cowl
  3. Crochet a poncho
  4. Make a reusable bag out of a chicken feed sack (this, and the other sewing-related potential goals, are complicated by the fact that my kiddo just declared my sewing machine officially not-worth-fixing.  I am definitely not up for handsewing this, or anything, in 2020).
  5. Make reusable food wrap
  6. Make cloth napkins for more seasons
  7. Make a pretty apron (I would have to find a pattern I like first.  Also, a sewing machine)
  8. Make lip balm
  9. Make soap
  10. Make a box to sit on our toilet tank OR make and install floating shelves above the toilet (this goal is made more complicated by the fact that I'm not sure which I would prefer.  I mean, I like the wreath that's above our toilet (which means no shelves), but it has definitely seen better days (which means shelves would give me an excuse to get rid of the wreath).
  11. Make a console table/thing to keep the step stool from dinging our wall.
  12. Make a willow whistle (I typed it, because it's on my list, but what was I thinking?  I don't want to do this!)
  13. Make and install towel hooks/shelf in the bathroom (this one has to happen, because the towel bar fell off the wall, and we need something from which to hang towels).
  14. Make a frame for the B
  15. String art
  16. New floor (we need a new floor in our entry, kitchen, and dining area.  Not need, like we want one, but need like, our current floor has rugs strategically placed to cover up discolorations and actual holes in the flooring that  have sharp edges and have injured me.  So because we need a new floor, we had pretty much our whole first floor repainted, put in a new kitchen countertop, and a new backsplash in the kitchen, but no new floor as of yet.  Makes sense, yes?)
  17. Install pallet wall
  18. Install gallery wall (we had a gallery wall, but there was just something off about it.  I was never happy with it.  Too symmetrical, maybe.  Or the frames were too close together.  Or maybe too big or too small in scale for the wall.  So I'm afraid to try again, lest I not like it again.  I think a gallery would look better on the wall we're intending to palletisize (absolutely a word), but I don't know if I will want to cover up so much of that wall).
  19. Light an outdoor tree (there is a sledding hill between our house and the tree I want to light, so I'm not sure it'll work.  Either there will be an extension cord that we will have to avoid while sledding, or the lights will have to be solar or battery powered, which, of course, would drive up the cost of this project).
  20. Go to a movie by myself (not sure what's coming in 2020, but there's bound to be at least one movie that I want to see, but no one else in my family wants to see).
  21. Hang the W (MC made a beautiful wooden W sign that needs hanging).
  22. Repair moose pillows
  23. Peek-a-boo cake
  24. Make sauerkraut
  25. Log 50 activities on Strava
  26. Finish or decide to abandon that darn puzzle
  27. Make maple syrup
  28. Can apple pie filling
  29. Grown an amaryllis
  30. Remove a popcorn ceiling
  31. Wash outside windows
  32. Make a particular wooden sign for a friend
  33. Grow and can pickles
  34. Drink tea
  35. Plant something new
  36. Start seeds indoors
Whew!  If you made it to the end of the list, congratulations!  I admire your persistence.  So, which goals do you think should make the final list of 20?  Which would you cross off the list?  Are there any additional goals you think I should consider?

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