Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesus' birthday

Just wanted to share part of the conversation Logan and I shared this morning, as he was standing by the Christmas tree, checking out the gifts that appeared there yesterday.

Me: Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?
M: Because it's Jesus' birthday.
L: Oh...yeah [giggle]. But that's so sad.
M: Why?
L: Because Jesus can't come. He's invisible.
[Tera's brain screaming: teachable moment! and how ironic--that's just what I've been thinking]
M: Well, that's the nice thing. All you have to do is ask Jesus to live in your heart and then He will always be with you.
[Pause as Logan thinks about that]
M: Do you think we should have a cake for Jesus?
L: No. Cupcakes. [pause again] But Jesus can't have any. He's invisible.
M: Well, maybe we can have one for Him.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't think to say, well, if Jesus is living inside you, when you have a cupcake, Jesus is having a cupcake. I think that would have confused the issue. :-)

He's a thinker, that Logan.

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