Monday, May 4, 2009


I threw caution, and a few zinnia seeds, to the wind on Saturday and planted my small garden area. The caution was thrown on purpose, with deliberate forethought; the zinnia seeds are so light they accidentally blew away. It struck me, on Saturday, how much faith is needed to plant a garden. I mean, the seeds look dead. Those sweet corn seeds were all shriveled up and yucky looking, and here I am, putting them in the ground, giving them water, and, later on during the summer, some food, and expecting this little dry dead thing to grow into something I can eat. Am I crazy, or what? Nope, just faith and hope-filled, and itching to stretch my in-God's-image-ness by participating in the process of making something grow.

It was a beautiful weekend for the Wisconsin fishing opener. Sunny and warm. A little windy, but not too bad. Here's a picture of the boys with their catch from Saturday.On Sunday, Bubby and I decided we were going to go with them. It's getting a little crowded in our canoe. I can just see us, in a few years, driving down the road with two kayaks and a canoe on top of our truck. Scratch that. Two kayaks and a canoe on a trailer behind the truck.

I am happy to report that Bubby did much better in the canoe this time than he did last year. I think it helped that the life jacket wasn't quite as cumbersome now that he's a little bigger.

Here's a picture of Hubby with his first catch of Sunday.And here's a close-up, just in case you can't tell what species of fish it is.It's a turtle! Scott caught a turtle!

And here's Code man's first catch of Sunday.His is a bass.

Here's a picture of my four favorite boys fishing.I was taking pictures blind, since the sun was in my face. I know I should have put the back light feature on, but I couldn't see the screen to even do that. So, the pics aren't bad, considering...

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