Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden of the Earth

Just wanted to share some pictures from Code-man's concert last night, "Garden of the Earth." They had an Earth Day/recycle/take care of our planet theme. Can you spot Code-man?There he is! Second row, on the left.
Code-man played a drum on "The Earth is Our Mother," a Native American chant.
The kids did a terrific job, and the theme was wonderful. Even better, the concert coincided with the school's art show, for which the kids made recycled art projects. Logo made flowers from old floppy disks (raise your hand if you still have a floppy disk drive--I don't), and Code-man made a bowl out of an old magazine (really). Some of the other classes made CD mobiles, wooden piece collages, rock pictures, and jungle multi-media pieces. Hats off to Mrs. S and Mrs. Y.

And here's Logo, being Logo, before the concert. Chip said that my pictures of the boys in and around trees captured their essences perfectly...I think this one does it even better.

Yup, that's Logo. I might just have to frame that one.

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