Monday, January 24, 2011

Underwater Adventures

We spent Saturday at the MALL, including a visit to Underwater Adventures (yes, we parked in the ramp; no I wasn't driving).  Just as an aside, I really do not understand why anyone would want to spend time at the MALL, or any mall, just for fun.  The MALL is not fun.
One of the main attractions is the jellyfish exhibit.  I could have watched them for hours.

Here's the "Underwater" part: we got to walk through (the moving walkway was closed for renovations) a huge plexiglas tunnel, with fishies swimming around us.  Bubby enjoyed the turtles.  Code-man and Logo seemed impressed by the sharks.  I was looking for rays.  Very fun.

No visit to the MALL is complete without a visit to the Lego Store.  This transformer dude is made completely of legos.  Oh, and by the way, he's about 20 feet tall.  That's a lot of legos.  I love that at the Lego Store, you can buy bricks in bulk.  You can design your own lego set, or replace pieces that you've lost to the roving vacuum cleaner.
On Sunday, of course we watched the Packers pound the Bears into the turf.  You know, I've got to say, Packers fans are the most enthusiastic and loyal fans in the NFL.  I'm not exactly sure why that's the case, but those Packers fans are especially attached to their team.  People are getting pretty excited around here.
Hubby and Patoot watching the Steelers defeat the Jets.

 Not really sure what's going on here.  Code-man was supposed to be folding laundry.

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