Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woowee, was that a cold shower this morning!
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Hmmm...what's all this?  A random pile of stuff on my dining table?  Oh well, it's not the first time...
 I see a couple of pieces of 2x4, various fabric scraps, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, sequins, buttons, pom-poms, beads, and sticks.  And what's that in the corner?  Socks?  What is going on here?

We made these adorable little snowmen this morning.  Aren't they cute?  And we made them with things we found around the house.
The BEST husband in the world cut a couple of 7" pieces of 2x4 for us, and drilled a 1/2" hole where we thought a nose would be.  He also drilled a very long hole through the 3.5" width of the boards for the arms.  I was kicking myself this morning, wishing that I had asked Sawblock to cut 3 boards so I could make a snowman, too, but then Bubby kindly allowed me to make a snowman using his board--wasn't that generous of him?

We painted them white (which was really easy because these boards were white to begin with), gathered our supplies, and then got to work decorating.  I forgot that I was going to have the kids sand their 2x4s to give the finished snowmen a bit of a weathered look.  I think we were all just a little too eager to get started.  The arms are dried grape vines; the noses are orange pipe cleaner, folded in half.  Pal's scarf is a piece of ribbon, and mine is a piece of felt.  The hats are baby socks with the foot portion cut off.  Pal chose beads for her eyes and mouth, while I used buttons.
Here's my guy in situ.  He's such a fun little guy to look at and converse with while I'm washing dishes.


  1. So that hole for the nose was 1/2" deep, not wide :-) Hubby read this entry and said, it was 5/16", not 1/2"...


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