Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas projects

I'm feeling a little "under the gun," wanting to tell you about all of these wonderful Christmas projects before Christmas.  Which is actually a little silly, because (and tell me honestly now) are you really going to run out and buy all the supplies you need to make these before Christmas?  No, you're not.  (unless you are a crazy person like me).  If you decide you want to make any of these, you will bookmark or pin this post and do it next year.

If you remember.

See, and that's the problem really.  I know that I need to post about these before Christmas or I'm not going to post about them at all.  And I really want to share these with you, so buckle your seat belt: here goes.

 Wooden letters j and y glued to a wooden snowflake from the craft store.  Don't forget the glitter!

 Yes, that is a pineapple upon which these stars are hanging.  Don't ask why.

 Clay pot nativity set--I love that the kids can play with this set!  Instructions from Family Fun magazine (it's easier than it looks...if you have a glue gun).

 Disregard that dust in the background--I'm planning ahead for next Halloween.  Roger said Mary was kissing baby Jesus (awwww!), and remember our angel from this post?

 Christmas necklaces and bracelets--use ribbon (and beads with big holes) for a more festive look.

 Nativity pack from'm so glad I found this site--such a great resource.  I love that you can print just the pages you need (although, for some reason, every time I've tried to print page 13, my printer started doing strange things--I think I've figured out a way around it now, but I need to restart the 'puter to try it).  Like our cool feather-y pencil?

And that's all.  That wasn't so bad, was it?

Merry Christmas, with love, from all of us at Camp Scarlet.

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