Friday, December 30, 2011

A noisy Christmas

So, the other half of the parents, siblings, and nephews came to visit for Christmas this year (click here to read about the first half visiting at Thanksgiving).

We had some good times.  First, Hubby and I went to the dentist.  Are you noticing a theme here?  Every time the Bluefields come to visit, Hubby and I go on a date.  Last time it was the kids' school conferences (which made me cry and gave me a migraine the next day); this time it was the dentist (which caused me to have to skip eating supper because the left side of my face was numb).  We really know how to let loose around here, don't we?

AKD & Roger: Waterworks
 Anyway...we took them to the children's museum. 
Music video with AKD, Chip, Ua, BL, Grandpa Blue & Sawblock
 I think they liked it there.
At the grocery store with Roger and Ua
We played
 and played
Bbil and MC
 and played.
Ua & Roger
 We went sledding (well, everyone else went sledding: my favorite brother in law and I bonded over ginger cookies--baking, not eating) on the one morning it was possible to sled.
This one was taken in November, but you get the idea :)

We went to church. Twice.

I went on a date with my favorite mother in law and my favorite sister in law-who-lives-east-of-the-Mississippi-River while the boys did who knows what (I'm not sure I want to know).

Good times!

As you might imagine, with 5 boys, aged 2, 4, 4, 8, and 11, in the house, it was pretty noisy around here.  And it wasn't just the boys--some of those grown-ups have some loud voices, too.  Adding to the cacophony was the fact that we didn't have any snow to send the kids out to play in, and all of the indoor playgrounds around here were closed during their visit because of the way the holiday fell.  It was kind of funny--about 2 minutes after our guests were out the door, the fam was still in the living room, when AKD looked around and said, "wow, it's pretty quiet in here."  It was that noticeable.

I think the noise and activity bothered all of the adults at one time or another--some of the adults were bothered more than others.  And I'm pretty sure that each of the kids was bothered at least once during the course of the visit (judging by the younger ones screaming for everyone to be quiet ;) and the older ones retreating to their rooms). 

At one point, I just closed my eyes and listened, and I thought, yes, this is loud, and could be annoying, but just imagine how different it would be, how hollow and sad, if one of those voices was missing.

For so many, including my family, Christmas just isn't the same because one of the voices is missing.

So it was music to my ears: such joy to listen to the sounds of my boys playing with their cousins.  And I pray that we will celebrate many more noisy Christmases, together, in the years to come.

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