Monday, May 7, 2012

Under the Sea--Jellyfish

We're coming to the end of our under the sea posts.  In fact, this might be the last one--depends on if I can interest Roger in one last fishy project before we move on to the next theme.  But for now, you're here because you want to hear about jellyfish.

First we read Discovering Jellyfish by Lorijo Metz.

This non-fiction book was a little too in-depth for my 4 year olds, so I kind of skimmed it, pointing out a few pertinent facts about jellyfish per page.
Next, we made jellyfish.  I traced a bowl onto the paper backing of clear contact paper and cut it out, then cut it in half so I had 2 semicircles.  The kids stuck sparkly things to the sticky side of one semicircle, and we added lace oral arms and ribbon tentacles along the flat edge.  I placed the remaining semicircle of clear contact paper on top to sandwich the sparklies and tentacles.

It was very easy with no mess and turned out pretty cute.

I also made some sensory bags for the kids using hair gel in Ziploc bags.

I just added about 1 c. of hair gel to a quart size bag, plus one drop of food coloring.  Next I added some sequins and glitter.  The kids loved them. 

I thought they looked very jellyfishish, and was trying to figure out how to get them into a more jellyfish-esque shape...but I never quite got there.  I got this idea from here (and there are better pictures there of what I'm talking about).

We also did this: a jellyfish in a bottle.

But I did not get any good pictures of ours.

So I know you're probably all sad to be seeing the end of the under the sea theme (or not--maybe you're a little tired of it), so here's a little teaser for what's coming up next:

See you soon!

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