Saturday, May 5, 2012

Under the Sea--Stingray

Last week, we continued with our under the sea theme by learning about stingrays.

By now, you know the drill: first we read these books to learn a little bit about stingrays:
Stingrays by Martha E.H. Rustad
Stingrays by Deborah Coldiron

Then we made this craft:

I got the idea from here.

All you do is color with water soluble markers on coffee filters that have been cut in thirds, then sprinkle them with water (we used a medicine dropper) to make the colors run.  When they're dry, pleat the filters and glue to your background.  We used pipe cleaners, cut in half, for the rays' tails.  We forgot to add the eyes, but you could certainly do that (and eyes would make them look more like animals and less like flowers!)

For the background, the kids tore pieces of blue paper into strips and glued them onto a white background.  We used green construction paper to make seaweed.

Cute and simple :)

I couldn't find any fiction children's books featuring stingrays--if you know of any, let me know!

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