Friday, January 25, 2013

Sensory Playroom: Trampoline

Like I mentioned in my DIY crash pad post, jumping on things (safely) is a great way to get vestibular and proprioceptive input.  And the crash pad is great for that, put a trampoline allows the jumper to keep jumping.  A trampoline also provides a different sort of input on the joints than a crash pad, so that's why I think they're both essentials in a sensory room.

This is what I would like to have:
It's a Skywalker 8 foot round trampoline The thing I love about this trampoline is it's small and close to the ground (only about a foot off the ground), so it can be used indoors, but it's big enough to get a satisfying bounce (by the way, if you want one, too, watch the price.  As of this writing, it's $149, but it's been only $129 for the past couple of months.  If you're willing to wait, you might score a better deal).
I say "I would like to have it," not "I have it," because I think I've convinced myself that we don't have room, plus we already have an outside trampoline that we can use during the non-snowy months.  It makes me really, really sad to say that, but one must be practical.  If you have room, though, this is a fantastic price for this trampoline.

We just have this small rebounder--you can pick them up at discount retailers for around $30, or they're are always available at garage sales or on Craigslist.  You can also find them online.

Use used to have an inflatable trampoline (sort of like this one), which was nice, because it was bigger than the mini trampoline and we could easily fold it up and stow it away when we weren't using it, but it sprung multiple leaks, so we threw it away.

This post is from my Sensory Playroom series--I'm putting together a sensory room for my boys on the cheap (read: homemade) and decided to share with you all :) To see all the sensory playroom posts, click here.

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  1. Really amazing!! My Son wanted to get one and he choose it to buy from
    . The one with 15 ft height. My wife loved it for its great quality and looks.


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