Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Subway Art

Did you think I forgot about the big laundry/mud room revealOf course I didn't forget.  I walk through or at least in to that room every day.  The truth is...it's not quite done.  I know, I know, it's been almost a year since I said it needed to be overhauled and we're coming up on 6 months since I actually started.  That's how these things go around here.  This is why we could never build our own house, or even buy a fixer-upper.  It'd never get finished.  Oh, the big things would, but there would always be those nagging details that never quite get finished.

Anyway, in this case, it's just a couple of pictures that need to be hung.  We've run into a snag because they need to be hung on the wall that holds the pocket door, so there's nothing back there to hold a nail, and Hubby's trying to figure out the best way to hang them.  I'm being difficult in insisting that I want to have them be easily removable so I can change the pictures (so he can't just screw them in or glue them to the wall).  Such a difficult person, I am. 

Oh, right, and then there's the fact that I just put the pictures in the frames this morning and Hubby hasn't been home since to do anything about them.

Anyway...I knew I wanted to have some sort of saying on the wall, but I didn't want to spend the money to actually buy a print or a vinyl saying.  Plus, I wanted the flexibility of changing out the saying from time to time.  What can I say?  I find it hard to commit.

I narrowed my choice down to two options:

Option 1:
Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.
When I saw this particular saying (on pinterest, of course), I had to laugh.  Because you know as well a I do that laundry is never ending.  Hubby didn't get it.
Option 2:
The most memorable days
usually end with the dirtiest clothes.
My friend Rocky pointed me to this one, and I must say it tugs at my heartstrings, 'cause it's true.  And I need to remind myself of this fact whenever I find myself telling my boys not to do something simply because it will make a mess.  It had absolutely no effect on Hubby's heartstrings, however.
So I went with option 3:
As for me and my
we will serve
Oh, wait, that one wasn't an option.  Oh well, I like it :)  And when I want to do something else, I can just switch it out.
So I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn't know how to make it look pretty.  That is, until I found this lovely blog post via pinterest talking about how to make Subway Art in Microsoft Word.
All I did was open Microsoft Word, and adjust my margins to the size print I wanted.  I went to Insert > Picture > Word Art and typed my first line, then clicked OK.  I followed this process for each separate line. 
  • To adjust the size, click on the word art and drag one or more of the black boxes on the edges to stretch it to the size you want. 
  • To change the color, click on the word art, then click the paint bucket in the word art tool bar.  Choose a color from the menu and select it for both the fill color and line color. 
  • To change the font, click on edit text in the word art tool bar, then select your font from the menu.
  • To stack the words (like I did with WE WILL), just hit the return key while you're typing to put the words on top of each other.  
Once I had it the way I wanted, I just printed on cardstock, trimmed the edges, and put it in the frame.  And there you have it--so easy, and just what I wanted.

To make it easy on you, I've made the file available to you to print.  Click here to access the file. 

If you just want to print it as is, click on the printer button in the upper left, then trim 1/2 an inch off the bottom and 1 inch off the right side.  If you want to make changes, like to change the colors, click on the down arrow to download to your computer.

And that big reveal?  It's coming, I promise.  Someday...

To see the evolution of our laundry/mud room, click here and here and here.

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