Thursday, September 19, 2013

Snickers stuffed Snickerdoodles

You read the title.  You saw the picture.  Do I really need to go on?  Can't we just sit and marvel in the majesty of that concept?  Snickers Stuffed Snickerdoodles.  Mmmm...

It all started when I found these cute little snickers bites in my grocery store.  They're about half an inch cubes of satisfying snickers goodness.  And unwrapped!  So they're super easy to snack on.  Which may or may not be a good thing in your world.

So I had these snickers bites, and I wanted to do something special with them, rather than just eating them, and that's when it occurred to me that snickers and snickerdoodles were meant to be together.

Use your favorite snickerdoodle recipe.  I used this one from Betty Crocker.  You could even use prepared sugar cookie dough if you're pressed for time.  When you make your dough balls, stick a mini snickers bite in there and close the dough up around it.  Then roll in your cinnamon-sugar mixture, and bake according to the recipe's instructions.  My 7 oz bag of snickers bites would have made 4 dozen.  If I hadn't eaten about 8 of 'em while I was working.  Ahem! 

I would recommend spraying the pan or using parchment paper because the candies might want to stick.  Let the cookies cool for about 2 minutes on the pan (not much longer, or they will stick), then transfer to wax paper or a cooling rack to cool completely.  Or eat warm, 'cause that's ooey gooey peanutty chocolatey caramelly goodness right there.

You are welcome, my friends.  Or, alternately, I apologize for putting that delicious image in your head.

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