Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks for Everyday Miracles

It rained here all day Sunday.  Not off and on.  Not sprinkles.  A steady, heavy, all day rain.  And it did it again on Monday.  And it's supposed to do it again all day today.

Sunday night I started thinking about the garbage.  You see, Monday is our garbage day, and on Monday mornings AKD and a parent take the cans out to the end of the driveway when he goes out to catch the ridiculously early bus.

I was thinking about the garbage, because I knew it would be raining on Monday morning.  And cold and windy to boot.  I didn't want AKD (or me, truth be told) to have to stand out in the rain, but if we were to bring the garbage cans out, we couldn't drive.

Then I started thinking about a time that God had mercy and delivered a miracle to me.  It involves vomit and the bus stop, and you can read about it here.  I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if God would stop the rain for the few minutes it would take for AKD and me to get the cans out there and for AKD to be picked up?  Then we wouldn't have to stand in the cold, windy rain.

I did not pray for that, mind you.  I just thought it.  Wouldn't it be nice?  And then I went on making my human plans.  I would drive AKD out to the bus stop so we didn't have to stand in the rain, and then I would try to find 5 minutes in between getting him on the bus and getting the others on the bus to get the cans out myself.  'Cause the garbage man is prompt and he comes before the Elementary school bus.  Sure I would get wet, but at least I wouldn't just be standing around it in.

I bet you can guess what happened.  That's right.  I opened the door just before we had to head out, and there was just a light, intermittent sprinkle going on.  AKD and I walked the cans out to the bus stop, waited for the bus, and then I walked back to the house before the heavens opened up again.

You might say it was a coincidence or that God wouldn't bother with such petty things.  It was just a little rain, after all.  You are welcome to think that if you must, but I know that the break in the constant rain, just at that moment, was just for me.  In the same way that I will do something that's no big deal, but I know will make my children happy--show them that I love them--that's what God did for me.

So thankful for every day miracles.

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