Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Plan for the Week of April 28

We have another busy week ahead of us.  And by "week" I mean "Tuesday."  I am very happy with my decision several months back to stay home on Mondays, but that has meant that the errands I used to run on Monday have been pushed to Tuesday.  Tuesday is also my volunteer day at the kids' school and Tuesday is Scout night, soccer night (soon to be x2 when Bubby starts next week), and the only evening we seem to be able to make it to karate (not a good situation).  This particular Tuesday is further complicated by the fact that I'm needed at the school for an extra couple of hours and I've accepted a lunch mystery shopping assignment.  Oy.

It's tight, but do-able, and I guess the good thing is after Tuesday the rest of the week will be a cakewalk.  And by "cakewalk" I mean "I-only-have-to-be-one-place-at-a-time-instead-of-4."  And can we get a BIG thank you to instructors, coaches, and Scout leaders for making our Tuesdays possible?


And now, for your inspiration, I give you:

The Menu:

-- Fundraising dinner
-- Grilled chicken ranch wraps (Hubby grilled extra chicken last week when it was on the menu, which I shredded and stuck in the freezer)
-- Tacos, veggie toppings, grapes
-- Chicken taco casserole (from the freezer), carrots, mandarin oranges
-- Pizza Casserole (double, freeze), green beans, pears
-- Pork Chops, potato planks, corn, applesauce
-- Leftovers


-- Are you kidding me?
-- No.

How about you?  What's going on this week?

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