Friday, May 9, 2014

This week in review

It's a little funny that I'm writing a week in review post here.  'Cause the thing is, I don't remember what happened this week.  Like, seriously.  I lived it, but I (apparently) didn't feel the need to retain anything about it.  So, whatever.  Here's what happened.  Maybe.  Or maybe I'll make it all up.

I did get to take a nap on Saturday.  That was good.  So good.  You may recall I was parenting solo at the time, with my husband whooping it up in Mexico for days upon days...upon days.  Parenting solo makes me tired.  So the kids popped in a movie, entreating me to watch with them, and I kindly obliged.  With my eyes closed.  Because y'all know mamas have extrasensory abilities.  We see with more than just our eyes.

MC started soccer on Monday, and Bubby started Tuesday.  It actually worked out well because AKD had soccer practice at pretty much the same time as them on both days.  At the same location!  Whoo.  It will not always happen like this, but it was a blessing that it did this week.

AKD discovered this week that he loves smoothies AND smoothies make an excellent recovery drink after soccer practice.  So I've been pureeing fruit for him and freezing that and yogurt in ice cube trays (just like the old days of making baby food, except now my baby is almost 14!).  All he has to do is pop some fruit and yogurt cubes in the blender along with some juice and he's got a yummy, nutritious smoothie.

I volunteered in Bubby's kindergarten classroom for what will probably be the last time this school year.  It makes me a little sad, because I have enjoyed very much watching him and his classmates learn and grow over this past year.  When I first started helping with writer's workshop, the kids were writing one sentence, and it would take them the whole 40 minutes.  Some of the kids were only writing one word.  Now, they're whipping out 4-6 sentences, no problem.  I am so amazed and impressed by these kids and their teacher.

I discovered this week that I can walk from my house to the state park.  I knew this before, of course, considering it's right across the road, but I realized this week that there is a trailhead about a mile from our house.  I knew that, too--it's just never occurred to me to walk there before.  It's been a fun change hiking the trails in the park instead of walking exclusively on roads.  Sometime before the end of the school year, I'll hike the big loop around the park (about 9 miles), and also hike from my house to the waterfall and back (about 6 miles).  Probably not in the same day.

My oldest, AKD, is now officially, as in documented by a medical professional, taller than me.  We've known he's taller for a few months now, but now it's in his permanent medical record.  *Sigh*  My baby is old.

On tap for the weekend?  A couple of mystery shops, I'll be working on a birthday gift for someone special, plus my family is giving me the best ever mommy's day gift.

How about you?  How was your week?  What are your plans for the weekend?

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