Friday, March 16, 2018

Spy gear and staplers

On Monday, it was a bit windy, which is why, when the refuse haulers emptied ours and our neighbors' trash bins, not all of the trash made it into the truck.  When I left that morning, I noticed a grocery store flyer in the middle of the road, which I picked up and put into our recycling bin.

On Wednesday, I noticed a piece of something that didn't belong at the tree line near our bus stop.  I meant to go collect it after Bubby boarded the bus, but I forgot.  So when I saw it again yesterday, I went to grab it right away.  From the 20 feet or so away from which I first spotted it, it looked like a plastic bag with black writing on it.  It turned out to be an empty package from a SPY+ TARGA II. It kind of sounded, based on the bullet points, like a camera, but then I turned the package over and they tag clarified that they were Spy Goggles.  Spy goggles.  One of our neighbors purchased, and threw away the packaging for, spy goggles.  Either that, or someone who was spying on us was very careless with their off-cast packaging.

I asked Bubby which neighbor he thought was a spy.  He wasn't sure.


As you may know, AKD is a high school senior, and will be heading off to school in the fall.  He's concerned that he'll forget certain things.  Things that are community supplies, things that we just have in the house because we're a household, but that he won't think to bring.  So we decided to make a list.  Every time we think of something like that, usually because we're using it, we put it on the list.  So far, the list consists of
  • stapler
Yup.  He's going to be super prepared for college.

On the bright side, by the time we get to Bubby, we'll have figured out what we're doing.


I signed up for this thing called Informed Delivery, through the post office.  As part of the sorting process, USPS takes a digital image of all letter-sized mail pieces that are processed through USPS' automated equipment.  The images can then be made available to the addressee via an online dashboard, the informed delivery app, or a daily email.  So basically, you know ahead of time what's going to be in your mailbox.

I thought it was going to be great!  I mean, who doesn't love knowing what's coming in the mail?  But you know how disappointing it is when you reach into your mailbox and all that's there is bills and junk mail?  Yeah.  Now I just get to feel that disappointment earlier in the day.

I will say that the packages feature has been kind of fun, so it's not all disappointment.  As soon as USPS accepts a package that is being sent to my address, it shows up on my dashboard.  Not a picture of the package, just that there is a package and where the postage was paid.  I have had so much fun puzzling out what the heck the packages are, especially when I'm not expecting anything.

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