Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big J, Little j, what begins with J?

Why Jerry Jordan's jelly jar and jam begin that way, of course.

That little rhyme from Dr. Suess's ABC was running through my head this morning as I successfully completed my first ever jam-making experience.  It was my own little jam session...ha ha {groan}.

That's right: I am now the proud owner of 9 half-pint jars (plus a leftover 1/2 cup) of strawberry jam.


I used this recipe from my Ball Blue Book of Preserving. Just FYI, 2 qt of strawberries equals about 3 pounds of strawberries, and it's equivalent to about 5 cups of crushed strawberries.

Oh, and use a really big pot.  Trust me on this.

I just love the little popping sound that lets me know the jars are sealed.  :)
Now I just need to keep the family stocked with yummy homemade honey-whole wheat bread to eat spread with the jam...


  1. How big is "big"?

    That pot in the widget doesn't look very big. The description on Amazon.com does not say how big it is either. Seems like important information to include if they are expecting us to make that purchase.

  2. The pot in the widget is a canner. It's big. 21 qt.

    But the big pot I was referring to is the pot to make the jam in. I used a 5 qt pot and it almost overflowed during the boil, so I would say 8 qt would work for this size batch.

  3. See, you would think 5 qt would be more than adequate, considering the recipe only yields 2 quarts... So I thought I should warn y'all.

  4. Hmmm... I probably would not have used a tiny 5 quart pot, but thanks for the warning.

    Of course I refer to my 3 gallon pot as my "small" pot.

    I'm also the guy who owns an 8 gallon pot and wishes (sometimes) that I would have gotten a bigger size.

    I suppose "very big" is a matter of perspective.


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