Friday, April 17, 2009


There is something so satisfying about being outside playing in the dirt with the sun shining down. Even though I don't like getting dirty (I absolutely despise having dirt under my fingernails), and even though Caleb has decided to commandeer my gardening gloves, there is a certain contentment that comes from subduing a little slice of nature and bending it to my will: a satisfaction that comes from being the instigator of a miracle. For the past few weeks Caleb and I have been spading and raking, raking and spading, our little garden plot whenever the mood strikes us. Cody and Logan join in when they're around, and we dream of eating fresh vegetables, we scheme of ways to keep the deer away.

We've just about doubled our space this year, deciding to plant the entire raised bed of which we planted just half last summer, and we will plant pumpkins, watermelons, zucchinis, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and green beans, along with two varieties of sunflower, zinnias, morning glories, and cosmos. Right now, it's just an empty patch of dirt, but with hope and anticipation, we wait for its inspired transformation.

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