Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well! The men who visit my blog have weighed in on my new background. I would like to remind them that they were invited to "comment on how cute it is...", not how much they don't like it. See, because it's not for them. The correct comment would be, "gosh, T, that just expresses your personality beautifully." Or even, "T, I'm so glad that you're happy with your new background." Love you all, though :-) Can't really expect y'all to get the subtext there without more explicit instructions.

Have you noticed my recent love affair with pink? I don't think anyone who knows me could have missed the whole fuzzy pink slipper episode (that's when it started), and my husband thinks that my new pink polka dotted PJs are...well, we won't say what he thinks of them, and now the blog...

I was never really a girly girl. I have an older brother whom I absolutely idolized as a kid (I still think he's pretty nifty), and so I tried to do all the things he did, like wander through the woods, climb trees, and jump down from high places. I even tagged along to his Cub Scout meetings. And for most of my life, my best friends have been boys.

My favorite color has always been blue. I'm not sure why, I just like it, but lately, the pink. You see, I am thrilled to be the mother of 3 boys. I didn't really feel qualified to teach a daughter how to be a woman, and I feel like I dodged the bullet on that one, giving birth to three sons. I love being married to my husband, too. However, that is a whole lot of male-ness in my world. Pink is one way that I set myself apart, reminding myself, and my children, that I am a woman, and as such, I am a different creature (hubby, however, needs no reminding of this fact). Pink is just the first step in teaching my sons to respect, revere, and protect the women in their lives. And so, yes, I may be going a bit overboard on the pink, but it's for a good cause, yes? And it's just so cute!

Videos tomorrow. Yee-haw!

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