Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day!

Actually, it's more of a slush day.  I think we would have had school if this stuff had stayed snow.

The good news?  Our annual springtime kayaking "pond" has an impressive head start.

The bad news?  It's right at the bottom of our "beginners" sledding hill, rendering the hill unusable.

The bad or good news, depending on your perspective?  The kids think it's super fun to go in it.  Even without kayaks.

The good news?  We implemented a new lightning-fast method of forming large snowballs for snowmen.

The bad news?  Now we have three rather large snow balls that will soon be frozen in place at the bottom of our "expert" sledding hill.

The really bad news?  Darn camera battery quit on me again!

Happy snow day!

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