Friday, May 16, 2014

This week in review

Hubby was out of town again this week.  Which means, if you're keeping score (as I usually don't but sometimes do when it all just seems too ridiculous), he's been home a grand total of 2 complete days so far in May.  I think he's home now for the rest of the month, but that could change.  I'll keep you posted.


I made my own friendship bread starter from this recipe.  This is the first time I've used yeast in a starter, and it's just been bubbling away, consuming sugars and excreting alcohol.  It's smelling (and tasting) quite boozy these past few days.  Today is feeding day, and baking day is next week.  I'll let y'all know how it turns out.


I went on 2 field trips this week.  Kindergarten took me along to the Teddy Bear Clinic on Tuesday.  The kids each brought a favorite stuffed animal to get fixed up in the ER.  And they actually fixed them!  Like sewed 'em up and put on eyes and stuff.  Very cool.   I wasn't scheduled to go, but was a last minute addition because of a last minute chaperonal cancelation. 

Then 5th grade took me along to the art institute and sculpture garden.  So much fun!  But seriously exhausting.  With only about 2 hours in the art institute, I feel like one could spend days there.  So much to see.  And it's not just the art.  As one of the other chaperones said, "I don't know what's more interesting to look at, the art, or the people looking at the art." 

And what's the deal with teachers putting the most...challenging...shall we say, students in my group?  I thought the teachers were supposed to keep those kids to themselves! 

In Ms. A's defense, she and I were in the same group, so she really was keeping the most challenging kids to herself, it's just that she shared them with me, too.  And in Mrs. T's defense, she also had a challenging kid in her (small) group, and we did end up in the same large group as well.


AKD had his first 2 games of the soccer season.  Game one was cold and rainy.  Like torrential downpours at times.  It was crazy, with boys slipping all over the place.  Our team played well, but lost.  Game two was not quite as cold, but the ref ended up calling the game early because it was too dark.  Like seriously, you could see maybe 10 or 20 feet by the end of the game.  At one point the ref said to the players, "I can't see a thing, so play with integrity." !!  By the time the game was over and we walked across the field to the car, it was pitch black.  AKD's team won that one.

AKD also had 2 practices, and Bubby and MC also had practices and games, which means we had a grand total of 4 games and 4 practices in 4 days.  There's a nice symmetry there, you know?


On tap for the weekend?  More soccer, a flag raising ceremony, and hopefully sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.  And remind me to bring a flashlight to Saturday's game.

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