Thursday, May 29, 2014

One God One Plan One Life: a 365 Devotional by Max Lucado--Review

One God One Plan One Life is a 365 day devotional book is marketed to teens, and is easy to read, offering meaningful ways for teens to connect with God and live the life He has planned for them.  Each one page devotion consists of a Bible verse and a short, 2-3 paragraph devotion, followed by a one paragraph section called "one more thought."  The devotions touch on topics like faith, obedience, self-control, purity, bullying, and drug use.  We have been using the book for our family devotion time after supper each night with our children aged 13, 11, and 6. 


--Each devotion is just one short page.  It's easy to read and easily holds the attention of our kids.

--Topics are thoughtful and relevant to our kids' lives--even the 6 year old--and challenge our kids to deeper thinking and understanding of who God is and what they're going to do about it.

--The "one more thought" section is an excellent starting place for discussion of each day's topic, often offering introspective questions.  These are topics that we need to talk about with our kids, but don't necessarily know how to bring up with them.


--The Bible verses are short, usually just one verse, with no context.  This issue can easily be solved by reading the context of the verse from your own Bible.

Bottom line:  This is a great devotion for families of teens and tweens.  I definitely recommend reading it with your child, either out loud as we do, or separately with time to connect and discuss over the reading for the day.

Many thanks to Book Look Bloggers for providing a copy of this book to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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