Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lenten Practice Update: Week 5

As I mentioned in this post, I've committed, during the season of Lent, to finding 10 things a day, Monday through Friday, to get rid of.  Here's how I'm doing.

Wednesday.  I'm running out of places to look for clutter, and I'm just not ready to go into the storage room yet, so this is a hodge-podge from all over the house.  Total number of items: 13
  • Bubby's outgrown PJ pants
  • Pair of socks
  • Spatula that doesn't really fit well in the space available to it.
  • 6 canned food items that we're not going to consume--these are all items that we purchased for a recipe that will never be prepared or that we got for free, and will either be donated to a food bank or shipped to unsuspecting friends and family via mystery shop.
  • Full size shave gel (that I got for free)--Hubby prefers shaving cream, so he'll never use this, and Sample size men's shower gel--none of the boys will use this--these will be donated to a shelter.
  • Open container of Mrs. Stewart's concentrated Liquid Bluing.  This is used to make white clothes look whiter.  I bought it for a science project, which I did, but then I saved the rest so I could make my white clothes look whiter.  Hasn't happened yet; probably not going to happen later.
  • Empty product container that I've been using to store things in the laundry room.  I repurposed another container that does not have brand markings and was able to recycle this one.

On Thursday, I finally cleaned and sorted our basket of bath toys.  It's been at least 2 years since anyone has taken a bath in our household (and that was probably me), so I think I can let most of these go.  I did save a couple of sentimental favorites.  Total number of items: 19 bath toys.

On Friday, I decided to brave the basement (not quite the storage room, but I'm getting closer) and go through our costume box.  Turns out pretty much all of the costumes are too small for anyone in the family.  Whoops.  Total number of items: 61 costume pieces.

On Monday, I went through the bin I refer to as the "weapon" bin (yes, I am mom to boys).  It's where the kids keep their swords, daggers, golf clubs, and hockey sticks, as well as some small soft balls.  Total number of items: 16
  • 6 pieces of trash
  • a toy dagger, plastic golf club, and toy hammer
  • 7 more canning rings that had fallen off the shelf (because the container was too full) where I keep them, behind some boxes.

On Tuesday, I was back in Bubby's bedroom, going through his "stuff" drawer, top of his dresser, and toy box.  Maybe next week I'll brave the storage room.  Total number of items: 25

  • 22 pieces of trash, including gum wrappers and broken toys
  • 3 toys

Total this week: 134

Five week total: 430 

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