Friday, February 13, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

I woke up at 6:10 this morning, and shortly after heard little people trying to be quiet as they climbed the stairs. Instead of running down the hall and jumping into bed with me, as is their usual practice, I heard them head into the kitchen where I heard various noises that I tried to make sense of. At one point I heard the older one say in a loud whisper, "turn off the light." I heard someone creeping slowly into my bedroom--I think that must have been a reconnaissance mission. I heard various clinking and clanging noises. Then I heard the microwave door opening and closing, and a beep, beep...beep. Interesting, I thought to myself, just what are they doing in there? Turns out they were making oatmeal. For me. Aren't they sweet?

Just in case you didn't realize, eating oatmeal in bed with a 15 month old trying to scoop that same oatmeal into his mouth, and a 5 year old jumping on that same bed, can get a little messy...

But they made my day, those children of mine.

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