Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring flowers

Yes, it's true.  It's almost April and we still have snow on the ground.  Oh yeah, and there's more in the forecast.  Seriously?  I love snow, but this is becoming a bit tiresome.

There certainly aren't any spring flowers coming up outside, so we've taken matters into our own hands, and started making our own.
 No pussy willows in sight outdoors, but these ones are bright and cheery on our wall.  First we gathered sticks from our yard.  We swirled Q-tips in white with just a little brown paint, and let them dry before clipping off the tips.  A little glue, a colorful vase, and voila--instant spring.

It will be months before our hyacinths bloom (the foot of snow on top of them really needs to melt first), so we painted some to decorate our walls inside.
 Pal was doing pretty well until she saw what Bubby was doing to his paper!
This is Bubby's artistic rendering of a hyacinth in a wind storm.
Here's mine--I decided I had to make my own so y'all would know what I was thinking when I set those kids loose with paint and corks (special thanks to Mom of the Wild Things for stepping up to the plate (or wine glass) to provide us corks with which to paint).  I drew the stems with colored pencils, then, after the paint was dry, we added a strip of green scrapbook paper if that's ever going to happen around here.

Stay tuned...up next: flowering tree branches and soda bottle flowers.  And, perhaps, the eventual arrival of spring outside our doors as well.

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