Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tom Sawyer

Code-man's school recently staged a production of Tom Sawyer in just one week, under the direction of Prairie Fire Children's Theater.  Yup, that's right.  Auditions were Monday after school, and the performance was Friday evening.  Going into auditions, Code-man told me that he didn't want a speaking part, but he ended up being cast in one of the lead roles as Tom's cousin, Sid.  Sid is a well-behaved angel child whenever Aunt Polly is looking, but a trouble-maker whenever her back is turned, and he blames everything on poor Tom Sawyer.  In short, Sid is a little stinker. 

One of my favorite parts is when Sid puts a lizard in the split pea soup...or actually, when Aunt Polly discovers said lizard in the split pea soup :-)

Code-man did a terrific job, and so did the rest of the cast!  It's amazing to me how these things always just seem to come together...I watched part of Thursday's rehearsal, and it wasn't looking too good.
Sid and Hildy (Sid's sister) at Tom & Huck's funeral:
When Tom appears, not dead, Hildy says, "I knew it was too good to be true,"
to which Sid replies, "you're lucky it wasn't, elstwise I'd have to start blamin' things on you!"
 Unfortunately, these are the best pics we got.  I went to the dress rehearsal on Friday morning and got some good ones, but accidentally deleted them all before transferring them to my computer (grrr for accidental deletions).  Luckily, the mom of one of Logo's friends videoed the performance and is making us a copy (yay for Mom of the Wild Things making us a copy!  I'm hoping to be able to get some still shots from the video).
Sound (Michael) and light (Connor) guys, Sid (Code-man), Becky (Emmy), Tom (Seth), Huck (Jace), Suzie (Hannah), Hildy (Anna), Mrs. Harper (Audry) and Mrs. Thatcher (Brooke)

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