Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This n that

AKD and MC on our driveway in November 2005
Crunching through oak leaves on the path this morning reminded me of our home in West Virginia--we were surrounded by oak trees, and we loved it!  Hubby especially loved the no-grass aspect.  In our current home, we are also surrounded by trees, hundreds of them, but only two of them are oaks.  I used to decorate with acorns in the fall; now I decorate with pine cones :)

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours referred to the "smell of caterpillars" at this time of year.  I wasn't quite sure what she meant, and actually it sounded a little gross to me, but after spending this morning immersed in the nostalgic scent of fallen oak leaves, I think I might know where she's coming from.  Love that smell!

MC qualified for his green belt yesterday evening.  Yay, MC!

The little girl I babysit is having a rough time this school year.  She's really missing her mom and dad a lot, and I can't say I blame her--they're great people.  I am a little surprised at the separation anxiety, though, considering the relationship we forged last year.  Apparently Pal is having an even worse time at preschool, which means it must be pretty terrible, because it hasn't been all too rosy when she's here with us. 

So yesterday was the worst drop-off yet for Pal.  She's crying and clinging to her Dad's leg, and I'm wondering when I should step in and just take her from him.  Ugh.  Not a fun scene.  Finally he drove away. 

We made muffins (should have read If You Give a Moose a Muffin, but we didn't).  We did a "project" that required markers, muffin papers, googly eyes, foam stickers, and lots and lots of glue.  We played outside.  We played inside.  We ate muffins.  We read books.  We played outside some more with Bubby's (oh, excuse me, Roger's) new pet frog (which is really a toad and has since escaped).  We drew caterpillars and butterflies and pumpkins and ghosts and a very sad looking scarecrow and a crow for it to scare with chalk on the driveway.  Our morning was full, and when Pal's mom came to pick her up, I was tired, and so happy to see her.  I thought Pal would be ecstatic as well.  As in whew, made it through another separation from my beloved parents.

As we were standing out of the way, watching her mom pull up, Pal said to me (true story), "I don't wanna go home!"  I could not believe those words came out of her mouth.  Sure we were having a great time, but Pal had spent the whole morning telling me exactly how much she missed her mom and how much she missed her dad.

I guess it does my ego good to know that Pal likes it sure would be nice if she would remember that she likes it here so we wouldn't have to live through separation scenes every Tuesday and Thursday...

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